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Premium va. €39,95

Astro consult

Would you like to know what will happen in 2008? Or maybe you have a personal question to which you want a more elaborate answer?
You can pose your question here to one of our 4 astrologers!

The astrological consult is a unique opportunity to personally ask one of our astrologers to answer your question. You can choose from one of our 4 AVN accredited astrologers. They will answer your question within 48 hours (2 working days).
You will receive an elaborate and personal answer that is based on the calculation of your birth horoscope. This is done with the aid of your date, time and place of birth.
You can re-read the answer as often as you like.

An astrological consult is both personal and real, and on top of that it is a special experience. It will only cost you €39.95.

Click here and ask your question!

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