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What is astrology?

The word astrology consists of the word 'astro', or star, and the word 'logos', or study.
In other words: astrology is the study of the connection between the stars and especially planets of our solar system and a human life.
In astrology, planets symbolise parts of ourselves and they indicate how we act in certain situations and how we deal with experiences.

There are many kinds of astrology and they all have their own approach. For instance, western astrology studies the influence of heavenly bodies (the sun, moon, stars and planets) on the earth and the people on earth, while Chinese astrologers also take account of the seasons and, among other things, the philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Astrology can therefore be seen as a source of self-knowledge. Astrology doesn't answers questions about who you really are and therefore interpretations shouldn't be taken too literally. Astrology helps you think about certain issues and in that way gives you signals through which you get to know yourself.
When you look at astrology this way, the discussion whether it is 'true' or not is not a relevant one anymore. Anyone can take from it what is of interest to him or her and leave the rest for what it is.
This way, you can use astrology to give a positive turn to your life.

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