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Chinese horoscopes

The year of the Tiger.

What a powerful and quick animal he is, the Tiger! On the one hand Tigers will have to be careful this year, since developments could accelerate this year. On the other hand, lots of chances will present itself due to powerful dynamics. Who are you this year, Tiger? Are you the Tiger itself? Or its prey that needs/wants to be captured?

Your love life will be characterised by important scenes. Read your Chinese annual horoscope for 2010 and find out what tot expect in the field of love and friendship.

The 12 animals cannot be compared to the western signs. According to some sources they come from Buddhism, others tell us that Chinese astrology was around long before the time of Buddha.

The Chinese horoscope is a beautiful addition to the western horoscope. It consists of your Chinese animal, the 5 natural elements and the philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Every year has its own animal and there are 12 animals in total. Each animal describes a personality. Usually, you possess traits of several animals. The reason is that you also have three animals:

  • One animal for the year you were born.
  • One animal for the month you were born.
  • One animal for your time of birth, also known as Ascendant Animal.

The year animal represents your outward behaviour, the month animal your personality and the time of birth says something about your deepest inner self.

Confused, maybe?
Chinese wisdom will help you on your way…

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